The approach

Engage with GGU Infotech

We will engage in deep communication with the client, fully understand their needs, and analyze the problems and expectations that need to be addressed. Moreover, we will estimate the development duration, approximate costs, and provide a specific timeline for the development process.

Signing the Contract and Initiating the Project

After signing the service contract with the client, we commence the development work on the project. At this stage, we provide a detailed explanation to the client about the primary tasks involved in each phase. We also provide regular reports on the progress of our work at each stage and ensure clear communication with the client regarding the deliverables achieved in each phase.

Milestone Reporting and Adjustments

The success of each work milestone ensures the overall success of the project. At each milestone, we not only deliver the work to the client but also listen to their feedback for any modifications and adjustments. After discussing with the client, we promptly make necessary adjustments to the product. Once the final milestone is completed and delivered, the entire product is considered delivered.

Product Maintenance and Technical Support

We will diligently fulfill the post-delivery services of product maintenance and technical support as agreed upon in the contract with the client. This ensures that the client can use the product with peace of mind while providing support for the smooth development of their business.